Revaluing a Channel: My favourite Sydney Street Artist.

Some great Sydneysider keeps putting up.

In the process they are also revaluing the channel of communication of the ‘street poster’. Now whenever I see a street poster I go up and check it out.

This is similar to the strategy that Google AdWords had with the Seth MacFarlane Calvacade, they put entertaining videos where they are going to put video ads. Clever, no?

Where the hell have I been for the last few days?

I went to Pyramid Rock Festival at possibly the coldest and windiest place in Australia, Phillip Island. I scored a Volunteer pass which got me a free ticket, if I cleaned up the festival for eight hours. Rubbish collection was much needed, as at times I was much confused with whether I had stepped into Corey Delanhey come back party (with enough Southern Cross tattoos, Couch burnings, Local Footy club chants, Beer Bongs and Bundy flags to last me a life time)

The line up on the other hand was killer, just suited to my taste; a massive Aussie Hip Hop Lineup (Drapht killed it IMO, backed up by Funkoars, Downsyde, Muph and Plutonic and The Herd) and just enough acts to keep me on the D-floor (Digitalism were awesome, Cut Copy, Ladyhawke, a tad disappointing and Kano.

They also filmed the music video to Pez’s ‘Festival song’, which pretty much sums up the whole experience.


Improvedliving said...

well nobody care for artist. Its same every decade every century.


Anonymous said...

Funny you should link music and street posters via the one blog entry - I'm in a band and had pretty much given up on the poster as an effective advertising medium. In fact, I'd pretty much decided that social media and word of mouth was the only way to promote a show or tune. It's heart-warming to see someone injecting life into the medium again. Nice catch.

Bones Lawley said...

heys. good u enjoyed pyramid. I went to Falls and it was completely teeming with bogans and drunk blue-banders, most of em didn't have any idea what they were listening to or weren't listening at all! Maybe you're just a good guy but doing the free ticket in exchange for garbage man services makes me think a career in marketing may not be worth it, haha. Happy new year. I hope you got that long comment I posted on one of your articles answering your comment on my blog.

MrTruffle said...

who is doing those pole posters. I love the pigeon one.

Scott Drummond said...

Hey Jules - good to have you back mate.

I love those posters too, but I think we need to be more precise about how they may be revaluing the medium.

As a viable low-cost advertising space for people seeking to raise awareness about a particular issue (lost pet, garage sale, local band) these hilarious posters actually devalue the medium.

The more these posters subvert the advertising/awareness-generating function of the original medium, the less useful the poster space will be to those people seeking to raise awareness about a particular issue.

In fact, the value of the medium has moved to one of entertainment rather than advertising.

It's not radically dissimilar to some of the more mainstream culture-jamming antics that have attacked big brands like Nike, although without the social or anti-corporate message/motivation.

Ben Shepherd said...

I'm really questionable about the value of the street poster ... after putting on parties between 1999 and 2003 I put a lot of money into them and I don't really think anyone looks at them anymore or they say much that is positive or memorable about the event/brand whatever.

yes there are exceptions to this but I think the majority are just ugly clutter. I noticed the amount of postering went down significantly when bands first started using myspace in early 2004 ... the 1 to 1 channels offered lower costs and better cut through.

Kate Richardson said...

I love the fag butt one.

As a person who is old enough to have utilised street posters before the millennium, I think the biggest (if not very intellectual) challenge boils down to fewer and fewer available walls and hoardings and more vigilant councils. You were once able to blanket the inner city but no more.

Wanted: Similarly aged person in their 30s with out of date marketing cred. Available for nostalgic reminiscing and crying into cheap drink about those old halcyon days of marketing.

Daniel Oyston said...

What about the sandwich board ... just for a laugh check this out. These people are very passionate!

@Bones Lawley - to many great events are being overrun by young bogans. Summernats in Canberra used to be one of the biggest attractions and pull huge tourist dollars. However, people just using it as an excuse to get together and act like wankers has seen crowd numbers drop massively because people don’t want to be associated with it. The event will probably move next year or be canned.

Ben Shepherd said...

haha @ kate

i remember back when I worked for fresh out of uni(anyone old enough to remember them aside mark pollard ... no? good ... it was 1999 to 2001 - glory days of AU's first web bubble and subsequent burst)

anyway ... in an attempt to be cool with the kids they blanket postered most of melbourne with those 1/2 A0 pole posters that were being used for all the big parties ... it cost as a bomb as the postering company was completely robbing them blind on the cost per poster ... they got a call from 5 different councils about 12 hours after they were posted ordering they be taken down immediately ... which then involved the same postering company charging even more to rip them down as they did to put them up.

street posters for hip youth websites ... surely an idea too dumb to repeated. Oh wait - Fairfax are doing it right now for

AKTIFMAG said...

LOL@ posters. OMG the NAZIs FTW

Zac Martin said...

Just realised I've been over taken for comments on your blog! I feel violated!

Love the posters, I've really been loving some of the fantastic street art I've seen around lately... some of it is really creative!

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