Friday Brain Dump Ahead!

1. Ubanks are back in the digital game. They have released a new video series. What are your thoughts about the new digital idea?

2. Top 100 update is coming out in a weeks time. Thanks to Zac Martin for compiling.

3. Trouble Andrew rocks. He is better known as ProSnowboarder Trevor Andrew or Santogold's better half. But I like to think of him as the douchebag musician who will not put his music on iTunes to let me legally download it.

4. Ben Shepard is on the ball. He has noticed I have been writing short hand everything lately and he wants explanations. I am going to give Jye Smith 2009 predictions questions another stab and answer why I do not want to talk about SM.

5. Scotty D (as in Scott Drummond the guy who was given massive props by David Armano) and I have a little something something cooking in the ol' Youtube video series oven; imagine NAB Spamming, Viral Rockstars and Sydney Shuffle except with a little more hair, watch out CommunityChannel we are coming after your Youtube millions.


Scott Drummond said...

Fire it up!

Julian Cole said...


Back story here

MrTruffle said...

Weird I though the Ubank was a joke but it seems like a real effort. They lost me at the global dance craze though.

Interesting though

Nudge Marketing said...

That Ubank video is awful (this is what happens when you hire the writers from Channel 9's Comedy Inc to put together a show).

Anonymous said...

Re: Ubank's video effort - applause for the NAB having a go, especially after they got a black eye for their first social media foray :) I reckon they're on the right track by trying to explain major global themes in layman's terms and using humour. As always when an ad agency is involved (well, I'm tipping they're involved), things go off the track as the writer/producer tried to get all clever and creative on us. Started well but got a bit self-indulgent, but overall, I'd rather watch this than a 30 sec ad.

AKTIFMAG said...

Teh UBank is brilliant hey Jules.