Blogger/friend Michael Josem saves $10M: Blogs are the new CV

Caulfield Cup 2007- Josem on the left, me throwing up ma' gang signs

Yah! My mate Michael Josem just got a great article in SMH about his Poker Ring Crackdown Blog

Michael Josem, is an old uni buddy of mine. While my love of poker was more of a fad, Josem loved it and took an interest in online poker. When he discovered that the site Absolute Poker was cheating (they had allegedly ripped off $10 million from players). He decided to write a blog revealing and explaining the cheats. At the peak his blog was receiving over 50,000 hits a day. One of these readers was the boss at PokerStars who subsequently employed him as a member of their game security team.

As Gavin Heaton says Blogs are the new CV. Congrats Josem!


Stan Lee said...

What a great story!

Kate @ The Zeitgeists said...

I'll second that - it is a great outcome.

Also thanks for following and linking to my blog Jules - have duly returned the favour...

Julian Cole said...

Kate, no worries I use my blogroll as my new RSS reader I make sure that I check the list atleast once a week so it was no drama, as with the following thing I am interested to see if it will take off? I guess will wait and see.

Stan, I really like this story too, especially because it comes from a field outside of Marketing, I think alot of my friends think that these the power of blogs in terms of being the new CV is only seen in Marketing this cases proves it is not.

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