Skipharder Part 1 - Watermark

SkipHarder is a campaign for Curios a breakfast replacement bar done by thebrandshop. It is mockumentary webisodes based around Tommy Fox a pro skater who turned to the art of skipping.

I really like an Australian company having a go at branded content. I am going to talk about this campaign over a number of posts because there are a number of things I really like about it and ways I think they could have made it better.

Watermarking letting social media flow

One of the great parts of this campaign is the use of watermarks in their videos. In all videos they have a watermark of the campaign sites URL. This is a simple but an important feature when creating links through social media channels. It is very easy for traffic to be guided towards Youtube videos (through embedding on Myspace, Blogs and Campaign sites) but I think that making traffic flow back to other sources from Youtube has always been a problem. This unobtrusive watermark is a great example of traffic making a Youtube clip flow on.