7 things you didn't know about me!

Wisey has kept the link loving times a rollin with her '7 things you didn't know about me' link chain game. So seeing that this blog has not resembled anything to do with Marketing in the last 4 months, I thought my regulars will not be pissed off with yet another irrelevant post. So here goes it;

1. Adspace-Pioneers was an error
The name actually comes from me wanting to do a blog on ambient marketing. I was going to be the 'Pioneer of new spaces to advertise'. I really don’t like the name, I especially hate it when people spell it AdSpace Pioneers too. Here is a link to my first two posts

2. I used to be able to name every Melbourne Cup winner
I used to love horse racing, so much so that I got a part time job at The Australian Horse Racing Museum in Federation Square. I used to take old seniors on tours of the museum and reminisce on the good old days of SP Bookies and when women wore clothes to the races.

3. I always wanted to be a Barrister
All the way up to third year Uni where I was looking to transfer into Law. It turned out to be too hard aka my marks were not good enough, however I still think about it, especially now that Rudd has slipped me the nine fiddy, I can pretty much quit at The Pop and go back to Uni on those $$$.

The 2007 Western Antique Bottle Club Show

4. I used to be the President of the Western Antique Bottle Club
I have a collection of antique Milk Bottles from different Melbourne Suburbs. I have been a member of the Western Anitque Bottle Club for 10 years (joined when I was 13). It is kind of a dying hobby, we were one of the last clubs left in Victoria.


5. Lowriders
I was part of a Low Rider Gang called the Malvern Madness Dragster Board, we used to cause a bit of havoc, hanging on to the back of trams, going down Collins St Hill no breaks, all that kind of jazz.

6. I don’t use an RSS subscriber
I just use my memory and twitter to guide me to the goodness. I also just use the twitter.com to check my tweets.

7. I am becoming responsible
I have got a 10 year plan. I am going to start by being responsible for a cactus once I manage that I am going to move onto a real plant and then onto a fish and then a cat. Then I will be responsible enough to look after a baby. I started with the Cactus just the other day, I still need to name it?

I tagged the following people because they are sure to be more entertaining than me;
Sophie Benjamin
Truly Heinous
Bones Lawley
Yeah Right from Chronicles of Dardia
Kate Richardson
Piccolo Niccolo
Andy Miller if only to get him to start blogging again

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Jye Smith said...

Yes name the cactus!
I find your lack of RSS reader, disturbing.

Wow, Juju, thanks so much for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

You haven't named the cactus yet?? I don't know how well this path to responsibility is going JC!

Anonymous said...

Funny. What's your ten year plan?

Unknown said...
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Julian Cole said...

@MarkPollard My 10 year plan is that hopefully after 10 years of looking after other animals and plants, I will be ready to look after a baby.

However I will need to take baby steps with this one.

@Michelle I don't want to rush into this naming business. I am going to have to live with this cactus for the good part of 10 years.

Zac Martin said...

I sometimes wonder what it was like to be a 14 year old bottle collector.

I kinda like the new direction the blog is taking. =P

Ben Shepherd said...

with you there on rss - tried once about 4 years ago when i worked at yahoo but gave up.

interesting 7 things julian

Julian Cole said...

@Ben, I thought that I was the only one without RSS, I can understand why people use it but I have just never really got into it. I said the same thing about Twitter so who knows, I will probably have one by the end of the year.

@igen it is never too late to start collecting.

Anonymous said...

Oh Juju!! You have to name that poor unloved cactus it's been weeks! Is it surviving ok in the heat?

Piccolo said...

I enjoyed an excuse to avoid work for 20 minutes - done!

Anonymous said...

With emotionally intelligent, soft yet direction-ful answers like that, it's no wonder you have so many groupies :) Nice ten year goal and quite unique to hear it from a male of the species.

Julian Cole said...

@Meg I think it is liking the steambox of my room + sydney heat, it is reminding it of the motherland of mexico. Hmmm maybe a mexican name??!?!?

@nicole takes me an hour and a half to write one blog post god damn I want your efficiency

@MarkPollard I can only take after you my kind sir

Me said...

Possible names for Cactus:

- Jack
- Prickles
- ....Jack

Save the mexican name for the baby.

Jessica Brookes said...
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Jessica Brookes said...

Hilarious, this information makes for good office banter.

Also Julian, speaking of responsibility... how's your desk looking?

readers: this morning Jules came in to find numerous post it notes around his desk, a communal effort from his colleagues asking him to keep his desk less like his bedroom...

PS. Get a bonsai, if you decide you never want to have kids ;)

Ben Shepherd said...

have to admit I lol'd at the idea of a malvern 'gang' ... So street! ;)

Anonymous said...

It has been 12 months and I'm still killing plants. I don't think babies are an option for me.

Anonymous said...

I finally did it Jules. Sorry it took me a while... '7 things' for you, waiting on my blog.