I am Malcolm Turnbull illegitimate son, 50 Cent give me ma fur jacket

Hands up in the air who remembers the ol beef that 50 Cent and Ja Rule had about four years ago. They both came out and sledged each other in songs and then did some other jazz, and then Ja Rule career was pretty much over.

50 Cent is bringing the beef sandwich again, this time he is unloading it all over Rick Ross. 50 Cents communication beef weapon of choice: The Tubes!

(5:20) Why the hell does Fiddy buy this girl a leather jacket? Clearly she needed the sweet ride! Damn Fiddy listen to the woman!

Soulja Boy and Bow Wow are having a beef casserole at the moment too; arguing who has the biggest Lambo.

What does all this mean for Marketers?

Having your own channel of communication with your consumers is one of the real advantages of online communication

When you get attacked or need a quick response you at least have a channel of communication to defend yourself through and get your full message across.

Check out ma little homeboi Malcolm Turnbull and the way he defended not giving me ma $950!

Learn more about S***** M**** from Hip Hop stars in my series Blogging like a Rockstar (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3)


Anonymous said...

I love the way Australian politicians have embraced the mainstream social media networks. I think its a fantastic initiative and helping to get younger generations more involved in the political issues facing the nation. It's also a true testament to democracy, because just as easily as Malcolm can get his message aired, so too can every other competitor and opposition to his message.

The future? I think we'll find some real 'young guns' of politics (who don't yet have the complex PR machines of the major politicians) starting to challenge mainstream though and developing their own clan-like following that will assist them in being elected at local, state and federal level and totally change the face of politics in Australia.

I'm excited about that prospect. We might finally achieve some leadership that is not tied to historical values or ancient thought.

Jye Smith said...

Real time reputation/profile management. Twitter also a good tool for this. Seen whole agencies defend themselves and save the reputations of their clients.

Age said...

dude, this blog has a taken a surreal turn toward increasingly random awesomeness. next beersphere im gonna splash some of my 9fiddy on buying u a beer, or if you're feeling kinda fly, an Alize.

Julian Cole said...

@mattbowen I think you are right it is exciting times to see what grassroots politicians can do with this technology. I think it will be a mix of both new media and old. I am constantly surprised with the Liberal Party/Turnbull on how they are embracing social media, I just wonder where was this advice when Howard was up for re-election?

@jyesmith people are now understanding where to look for the information for both sides of the story. Just looking how Mumbrella covered the Witchery story with getting news from Adam Ferrier blog was really interesting.

@age I have to agree this blog is taking a few twist and turns and I do not really know where it is heading. Lets pool our monies together and lash out for a big night downing Courvoisier!

Anonymous said...

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