List of successful Facebook branded executions

At the moment, I feel there is a big elephant in Social Media/ Digital Strategist room. That is Facebook, it was the reason that social media became mainstream, the general public started creating content.

However you very rarely hear anyone talking about successful executions within Facebook.

The reason being is because it is a walled garden, it is a private space where third parties (startegist) cannot peer in and watch social media at work.


I thought I would make a list of good examples of Facebook branded executions;

1. 7-11 Free Slurpee Day (set up an event for the day) (Con)
2. Ksubi Sale (high end jeans, promote really well through Facebook)
3. Burger King friends sacrifice (sacrifice 10 Facebook friends for a free burger, got pulled from Facebook though) (Gordon)
4. Burn Alter Ego (Go out without having to go out, US Energy Drink) (Deb)
5. Dell 'Social Media for your business' FanPage (This is actually a really good resource for SME to use Social Media) (Ben)
6. Samboys is back (Biggest Facebook group wins; Hijacked by Bushfire) (Peter)
7. Parking Wars (Part of the promotion for an upcoming show for an A&E) (Christy Dena)

If you have any other please tell me and I will add to the list.


wisey said...

Burn Alter Ego. Gold.

Ben Shepherd said...



Anonymous said...

Part of the problem might be that there are so few cases where Facebook has been effective.

Apart from the ones you've got already, an interesting case was the promo of Wall-E as a featured gift. Also Singapore's club Mimolette which uses a doorbitch account to create an exclusive guestlist.

Although on the topic of what NOT to do...Scrabulous was a hell of a 'branded execution'

Anonymous said...


I'd suggest that the 7-Eleven Slurpee Day we set up in 2007 is a better example, here:

Also the Woolworths Drought Action Day campaign we ran here:

And some recent ones - Cascade Green and Pale Ale Fan Pages here:

Con Frantzeskos
Edelman Digital

Jye Smith said...

I guess my only additional comment is when you describe 'successful' what are they key benchmarks etc people are looking for to describe something as successful?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jules. Really interesting. There were a couple in the list that I hadn't heard of.

Like Jye, I'd be really interested in what makes each one successful. The successes seem more obvious in some than they are in others. i.e. What made the Ksubi campaign noteworthy?

Julian Cole said...

Jye and Andy I have got to agree, to steal the quote from Katie Paine; what is the R in your ROI? You have to know what your key performance metric is.

I guess on a general note for me, I was looking for executions that were spread through a community.

Con, I am a big fan of the 7-11 Free Slurpee idea and always wondered who was behind it, well done to you guys. I would love to know how you intially invited people to the event? Did you have a facebook fanpage or just go out to a few people who had a high numbers of friends or something else?

Thanks to everyone else for examples and look forward to finding more.

AKTIFMAG said...

I think when Kane Ludic started the 'I hate the fanatics' facebook group a major milestone in hating something was achieved.

Anonymous said...

I loved Subservient Chicken as much as the next guy, but I think the Facebook Friend Sacrifice has been CPB's crowning digital achievement so far. So nicely done, so NOW.

Nice list Jules, as always.

Unknown said...

The H&R block ads in the USA have been very successful in terms of Facebook.

Have a look at this bloke...cracker!

Anonymous said...

a nice exaple in lithuania

Anonymous said...

Nova's facebook app is prettycool

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