WILL.I.AM talking about sex, money and politics!

Never talk about sex, politics and money.

When it comes to communicating your support for a Political Party it seems that U.S Celebirty figures cannot wait to show their support. However I do wonder what effect this has on the support for the celebrity fans?

In the Matrix, I show the common reactions of the people who are part of every group of pro and con the two people.

I think that the real worry for WILL.I.AM is that american population are so passionate in their positions torwards politics. I would suggest more passionate than their taste in music. With this passion there is alot of people who would fall in the red zone, fans of WILL.I.AM yet not of Obama.

The problem here is that WILL.I.AM is gambling over 75% of his fan base by showing his support for Obama. There are passionate Republicans (approx 50% of the US population) and passionate Hilary fans (approx 25%).

In other news Zac pointed me in the direction of another celebrity, Jack Nicholson supporting Hilary Clinton. Check out Zac's new blog at Pigs don't fly


Zac Martin said...

I noticed Jack Nicholson also did the same recently. I guess he is willing to risk his fan base who don't support Hilary for his own passion.

Julian Cole said...

Thanks for that one Marty, I am going to put that one up as well

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