Facebook the next king of the web

I just recieved the Hitwise Asia Pacific Social Networking Report.

Finally I have some evidence for what I knew was occuring. I have suggested before that Facebook is becoming the all in one user platform. Soon you will not go surfing the net but you will just surf Facebook. The Hitwise report suggests that the tasks of emailing and searching is being done within Facebook (tables above).

However 2 things have to occur for this to happen.

1. Critical Mass – A user will only use Facebook email over normal email if they believe that it is more likely to get to the receiver faster than if they used a normal email. I have noticed that this has already started happening with the emails that I send out to people, I prefer to use Facebook inbox.

Another advantage is that you do not have to remember an email address but rather just type someone name into the search. Kind of like when mobile phones started coming with address books built inside.

2. Search Engine – I can see in the not to distant future that you will be able to look up a companies name on Facebook and be taken through to their e-commerce site.


contractor leads said...

acebook is one of the most famous social media platforms today. The developments in that site are met with much enthusiasm by users across the globe. Primarily, because they tend to make life a lot easier for an average user. Instead of opening multiple tabs for different tasks, they innovate to combine all consumer relevant tasks in one site.

Indeed, Facebook is turning into a magnanimous entity that would soon cover the bounds of the World Wide Web. Making life convenient for its 'friends'.

Interesting insights. Thanks!

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