It is tough!

The latest online viral video trend for companies is showing the extreme durability of their product. Not a new concept but the environment is just right for these ideas to really get some great coverage. Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of video file sharing sites such as youtube.

The reason why these clips work is because they help to highlight the products major strength while at the same time being quite engaging for the consumer. Great projects for brand recognition.

The first example is the Triumph boats in the US, which are as seen in the clips unbreakable boats.

They do the Bubba test where they drag a boat behind a car with no trailer!

Check out the website for further examples

The second example comes from Blendtec which has a high-powered food blender product. They have decided to show how powerful the product is by blending bizarre objects. The current video shows golf balls being blended. Other examples include marbles, credit cards and ball bearings

Check out the website for further experiments

This is a great success story as Blendtec is the 59th most subscribed channel on youtube. It has also acted as a great PR tool as other media have run with it, like the example below. A radio station in the US did their own Blending experiment on air.

This is an interesting example in itself as they did a mash-up of two online meme’s when they did a blending experiment with the current Wii controller

Here is the radio mashup of the two events

And here are the two videos they stole the ideas from
Blendtec video over 100,000 views


Smashing Wii over 60,000 views