Advertising and Gaming - a perfect match?

Digital entertainment through the likes of gaming over the past couple of years has been taken to new heights due to the increased interest globally in the world of gaming.
Like weightlifting back in the 60’s, video gaming was once considered the domain of the geeks, and was only a way of getting your behind kicked by bigger kids back in high school.

Now gaming has become the most lucrative entertainment business on the planet spawning billions of dollars for companies involved, the three main players include Microsoft, Sony and probably the owners of the most recognizable face in the industry (Mario), Nintendo.

Advertisers see this as an opportunity for product placement within many games, as with the recent Burger King game, games such as Anarchy Online, and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos theory have cashed in their user base to attract advertisements from the likes of Warner Brothers, and AXE deodorants to name a couple.




These are only a few of the advertisements that have been featured in videogames, other companies who have taken advantage of videogame advertising include Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds and yes even Playboy has made itself a videogame franchise with the Playboy Mansion game, you get to be Hef for $79.95AUD.

What more could one ask?


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