Physical Digtial Products in Music - 6 examples

There have been a number of cool projects/products of late breaching the physical digital space in regards to making the music experience better. Here are five that caught my eye.

1. Change the tune

Allows you to change the tune by throwing paper at a poster. It is based on a motion sensor that sits within the poster and triggers the next button on Spotify. Made by the UK Agency 'Agency Republic'

2. Spotify Box

I really like this software to hardware example, they have created a boom box which reacts to what RFID tag is on it. The RFID tags are loaded up with playlists from Spotify.

3. Coachella and Facebook Check In

Using RFID tags within the access bands, punters are able to 'Check In' on Facebook to different acts through out the festival. You need to preregister your tag online to allow permission on Facebook for this to happen. This was seen a few years ago in Israel for Coca-Cola Village.

4. Firehero

This is a great DIY from the Arduino community - Guitar Hero on Flamethrower programmed through Arduino

5. Turntable Rider

This devices allows you to make music from riding your BMX. It tracks the movement of the bike through space to create data that is then translated into sound. This project was a collaboration between hip-hop and dance artist DJ BAKU, award-winning BMX rider Kotaro Tanaka, and interactive artist Toshiyuki Sugai

6. Nike Shoes

Turntable Rider is working on the same presence of Nike Song Shoes which makes music depending on how the shoes are flexed. It seems that making instruments out of objects is big in Japan.

BF Goodrich - Awesomecross

Tracking all the data that can be tapped around movement is also something that is part of the latest project from the Physcial-Digital Agency Deep Local. Although they didn't try to create music with the output, they were able to show the intensity of driving with BF Goodrich tires.

Let me know if you have any more great examples that I have missed.
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