AFL Memes - Image based memes go mainstream

Image based (macro) memes have long been a stalwart of Internet culture. It appears that similar to l33t speak they are about to enter mainstream culture. Last month very light internet users started posting image based memes about KONY 2012. Now the second example of this is with the FB Page AFL Memes growing to over 40,000 fans in 2 days.

It appears that brands are also catching on to the image meme train with Pure Blonde posting image based memes for the last few months. The interesting thing about macros memes is that they have a really nice organic growth component to them for the owners of the meme. Image based memes have a tendency to be shared quite a lot more than other pieces of content on Facebook. This allows brands to get a nice natural growth of fans and hopefully an end to the painful 'like this' status updates that brands have been abusing lately.
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