Industry Blogging slowing up

One thing I noticed when I was compiling the Top 50 Blogs was the lack of posts from bloggers who were on the list, I did a quick check of people who were on blogspot and had yearly post counts and amongst the bloggers, I found that there was a 40% drop in posts from 2009. This was a common theme when it came to the comments on the list as well.

I think Industry blogging in Australia is on the decline for three reasons.

Twitter is now taking away a lot of the short form of blogging, if you have a cool link that you want to share with your audience you will release it on Twitter rather than blogging it anymore.

Mumbrella and the news sites
Mumbrella, Digital Buzz Blog, B&T, AdNews and Campaign Brief are all doing an amazing job at reporting on the day to day of the digital advertising industry. I think there was a time when the digital industry probably felt like they did not have anywhere to go to hear about the latest news relating to their industry, now they do.

The Social Media hype is dying
There was a lot of hype around Social Media when it first really took precedence (late 2008- 2009) amongst the early adopters. People loved to chat about the theory and it felt like it was moving so fast. However now I feel like we have had a year or two with not much change.

Anyone else got any clues to why it is slowing up? My feeling would be that this is actually happening across the whole Australian blogosphere, does anyone has any stats on what is happening?
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