4PM is the best time for a Facebook Update

TCO Labs came out with their first report on Facebook the other day it has some great findings for anyone who is looking after a Facebook Page. One of the things that was always surprising to me was the lack of industry benchmarks around Facebook Pages. Hopefully this goes some way to providing some.

So here are the highlights of the research;

The industry benchmark for the number of responses (likes and comments) to a status update is 0.15%, however what we noticed was that it changed depending on the category. Alcohol brands got the highest response with an average of 0.21% and Entertainment clost behind on 0.20%, the worst performing category was Food and Beverage which was 0.07%

The best time to go out with an update was 4-5PM however this changed depending on the product, alcohol was better with night updates 6-9PM.

You can download the report here for free from The Conscience Organisation Facebook Page.
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