The Internet is ripe for the memes

So there have been a few micro-memes popping up over the past week that I have noticed.

1. Yeah_lad – A Twitter account that is set up to imitate the lads of the western suburbs of Sydney.
2. The Awkward Lean – A tumblr picking up on the insight of girls who awkwardly lean their body or head in photos
3. Ask JTL – One guy who will answer any question, with straight down the line answers

A meme needs three important components to be created and nurtured.

Stimulus – An idea that is remixed with a common theme tying all the pieces of content together.

Conductor – The conductor is the person who controls the idea who can help dictate the direction of the meme.

Pushers – Are the support networks to the conductor who help to promote the idea through their network to help get the idea/meme out there.

I think subconsciously, people understand their roles in helping to push memes and making sure that they get the best opportunity to flourish.

In my opinion, Twitter is better at pushing memes because updating your network with a tweet about memes can be done more than once whereas on Facebook people would be less inclined to update their community more than once about a meme.
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