Top 10 Australian Viral Videos and The Mumbo Report

I featured on the Mumbo Report talking about memes and virals, so I thought it would be fitting to do a '10 to 1 Australia's Best Viral Videos.'

10. Teenage Affluenza - World Vision

9. Where the bloody hell are you? - Dan Ilic

8. Beached Whale- Handsomity Institute

7. True History of Australian Football - Aktifmag

6. Get into any nightclub - Sprite Truth Hunters

5. Corey Delaney, Party Liason - ACA and Crikey Media

4. ChkChkBoom - Nine News

3. Free Hugs - Sick Puppies

2. Trent from Punchie - Trent

1. The Big Ad - Carlton Draught


Zac Martin said...

Jules, I feel like these videos make up 90% of the jokes I share with mates. Top list.

Lippy said...

That NAB post was before my time... so this is the first i have seen it... I have been laughing for 10 mins straight. fuckin brilliant!

threebillion said...

trent is god.

Paul Newnham said...

This is great! Well done pulling list together and Good to see our World Vision Ad in there

NigePresto said...

Thanks for the props Jules...
Teenage Affluenza still ticks over 2,500 + views every week and it's over 2 years old.

Is this list based on your personal 'lay-of-the-land' perspective or view rates too?

ps. the beached whale rocks!

Julian Cole said...

Glad you liked the NAB Spamming Lippy!

Hey Nigel, this is based on my personal opinion. I think some of them deserve more coverage like the AFL spoof video. 2,500 views a week is an amazing stat.

Shout SEO said...

That post is gold! I love it! Great list. Very entertaining but also great research. Viral campaigns are hard to pull off, but the are very rewarding if they do!

Andy Wright said...

Great collection here. Congratulations on the Mumbrella interview. Very interesting - have subscribed to the blog, looking forward to more.

Michelle said...

I think it is interesting that the popular viral videos you choose were all at least a minute (mostly 2-3 minutes) and most tv commercials now can barely make 30 seconds. Entertainment + Utility = good shit.

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