Adidas Urban Art Tours iPhone App!

Adidas Originals (Germany) is kicking arse this year, first the Ultimate House Party, now Urban Art Tours Iphone App. I don’t know German so I cannot tell you the functionality; but I am hoping that people would be able to submit their own stories behind their favourite graffiti work from around the city and you also had the chance to vote on the best pieces.

This seems like a natural extension from the Melbourne Laneways Podcasting Tours from 2 years ago.

For more examples of great iPhone Branded Applications.


AKTIFMAG said...

AKTIFMAG had hip hop tours of Melbourne a 5 years back Jules. It included a complimentary Woodstock Bourbon can and a ciggie out the front of Obese Records. I'll try and find the flyer.

Julian Cole said...

Did you also get to go inside Obese and talk to the guy behind the counter about the good ol days and then realise it is none other than.....BIAS motherfocken B!

Anonymous said...

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