Lowe+Rivet kicking goals

I have been really impressed with Lowe+Rivet work lately. It seems I am not the only one who thinks this either with the agency picking up two AFA Advertising Effectiveness Awards on Thursday night.

The campaigns that have grabbed my attention is their work they have done for Stella Artois Screen. They have launched two direct campaigns for two of the big movie screenings Fight Club and The Shining.

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For Fight Club they painted up bar tenders to look like they had been in a massive fight and they left the customers to ask what happened. The barmen would then slide a napkin across the table that had the url www.fight-club.co.nz written on it. Customers registered on the website and were invited to the screening.

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For The Shining Groups of passers by were invited into the depths of The Stella Artois Gold Room by pale strangers dressed in coat and tails. Guests then followed the sound of 1920s ballroom music anticipating the buzz of a crowded bar only to be confronted by the lone bartender, Lloyd.

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The visitors were then directed to another room located down a dark corridor where they’d find other scary cues from the film. On entering room 237, another stranger would ask them to write their details in the guest register so they could be contacted.

The Brisbane locals that didn’t run out screaming left the bar with a mysterious invitation and code to enter a website – stellagoldroom.com

Other great work they are currently behind include;

Another great campaign they have running at the moment is MTV Vote for Snoop.

Which is a group of viral videos with rapper Snoop Dogg trying to get people to vote for Snoop Dogg to get citizenship in Australia. Very clever.

Save Snoop - Episode 1

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Check out all 15 videos here


The A League ads which picked up a Gold at the effectiveness awards.


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