Nokia now remembers who their customers are.

In recent times Nokia has become one of the least favoured products for one of their most important customers - the salesperson.

Over the last year Nokia has seen tremendous scrutiny surrounding their various products.
For one, every phone released had a ELF (Early Life Failure) rating of 30% (According to private sources). Now, Nokia does sell lots and lots and lots and lots of phones.
Even with the Nokia rewards scheme, salespeople still sell Nokias.

But many have had enough. Salespeople are required to push the most reliable phones on the market to customers as to avoid backlash from these customers according to the policies of many organisations within the telecommunications industry.

Nokia noticed their sales have started to lose their balance over the last few months around Melbourne and Sydney losing ground to Sony Ericsson and Samsung. (according to franchise information)

Nokia in response to this have held several launch parties for their new N95. This is held for again one of their most important customers: The salespeople. They are required to come to these parties where several celebrities as well as Nokia representatives are showing the N95 to those involved in the sales side of it all.

Now as one of the first to actually get to use this product, I think Nokia has finally got their groove back.