Rising Talent of Youtube

In February, I covered the rising talent on the 5 Rising Stars on Youtube Australia. When I saw the Justin Beiber cookie cutters, I also noticed a few new additions to the list.

Here is the new additions and a little on what they are doing.

6th Most Subscribed – Jayesslee (81k Subs)

Australian Korean Twins Jayesslee, sing covers and are good looking that is about it, probably helps that they are Hillsong as well – there is strong community support online for Hillsong artists.

13th Most Sub - Keshen (45k Subs)

Keshen does animated lego videos which are really high quality it is no wonder that he has such strong support. Great videos.

Dillonp23 (39k Subs)

Dillonp23 makes me think that there is a way to game subscribers because the content is pretty weak to say the least. His two latest videos have less than 9,000 views combined yet he has 39,000+ subscribers.

If you haven’t noticed they have changed the face of Youtube in the last week. It looks like they are trying to segment the content into four fields ‘Shows' (another names for channels), ‘Movies’, 'Music' and 'Videos'. This is going to have some massive effects on how videos and vloggers find their audience, so stay tuned for a post on it when I have some more time to analyse the effect.
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