Like your High School Librarian - My presentation for AIMIA Connect

Conan the Librarian

Remember at school when you had that Librarian who was able to point you in the direction of all the good books for your assignment? Well, that is what I am planning on doing when I speak at AIMIA Connect next week.

I am going to keep the presentation layout, pretty loose. I am going to ask the audience what sector they would like to hear case studies from and then go from there.

So the following is a list of the sectors I am thinking about;
Entertainment (Music/Film/TV)
Finance (Banking/Insurance)
Technology Products and Online Sites
Fashion (Clothing/Make Up/Designer Brands)
Tourism (Travel locations/Airlines/Hotels)
Advertising Agencies
Not For Profit
Real Estate

I want to get 3 examples for each sector and I imagine I will get through about 3 sectors.

There are 1,001 social media case studies so I have a simple ranking system to get the most relevant ones for this presentation.

Firstly, I will include all the case studies from The Population as these are the ones I will have the best knowledge on.
Then any Australian examples for that sector.
To round it out I will find the most effective SM examples from around the world

Can anyone think of any other sectors I may have missed? or know of any good Australian Social Media case studies?


Kate Richardson said...

Fast food? That could include the Burger King whopper sacrifice campaign and KFC potentially.

Kirrilee Bailey said...

hey! i love maximum forte.

Wags said...

Another sector not on your list is Education... but I don't know of any good case studies, though!

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