30 is the New 20

With an aging demographic, it is becoming harder for marketers to penetrate younger markets. Especially since generation Y is so different to the generation X’ers, however the move from hetero to metro for any male from 18-35 has become an attractive target market to seduce. David Beckham (ex pageboy for Police), Ian Thorpe, Hugh Grant, Richard Branson are a few examples of the modern metrosexual who are icons in their industry.

Skin care, clothing, health, accessories, dining, and the arts are many ways the discerning metrosexual spends their money. It becomes hard to distinguish a 20 year old from a 30 year old as skin care technology allows males to cover up their age more effectively, organisations such as Biotherm are able to capitalize on this market by offering a range of skin care products especially catered to males. Biotherm even offer a detox solution for males that spend a lot of time in smoke filled environments or have had large nights on the town.

Nivea also offer a large male skin care range that competes directly with the l’oreal range, both have very similar attributes, however Nivea have a greater affinity with males through the earlier introduction of other male orientated products prior to the skin care range. This includes shaving creams, lotions and deodorants.

Hugo Boss, a luxury brand that targets mostly male and female 25-30 year olds continues to grow with menswear sales going up by 12% in 2005 (Worldwide, Datamonitor, 2006), partially due to the full implementation of Hugo Boss Orange label being released in Australia. The new range consists of younger styles and utilizes a lot of denim, males seem to be purchasing designer wear over cheaper clothing brands such as Jay Jays everyday.

Health services such as gyms and mens health spas (one being proposed by 4 prominent young St Kilda players) are increasing in numbers, men are acting and feeling younger through these products and services.

So guys and gals if you’re approaching 30 don’t worry, 30 is after all the new 20.


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